What are Deep Physics Technologies?

Deep Tech refers to fundamental breakthroughs in science and engineering that profoundly impact industries and people’s lives. When technologies of this kind are getting out of physics research labs, at Quantonation we call them Deep Physics. Examples are LIDARs which are critical for the emergence of autonomous mobility, beyond CMOS hardware for accelerated machine learning algorithms, electronic – photonic convergence for the future of high speed communications, and emerging quantum technologies. Investments in these fields are already in the billions of dollars, and growing quickly.

Business potential of these deep physics startups can only be assessed starting with a deep scrutiny of the underlying technology. That’s where Quantonation brings expertise and know how, with in-house staff and also thanks to its extensive network of advisors and experts.

What are Quantum Technologies?

A first generation of Quantum Technologies based on the manipulation of nuclear spin and quantum tunneling effects is already used in our everyday life with applications as diverse as medical imaging (MRI), atomic clocks and GPS systems, lasers, transistors and semiconductor components. However, quantum superposition and entanglement are yet to be harnessed and exploited in a second generation of Quantum Technologies for a variety of applications that fit, according to a widely accepted practice within 4 categories – communications, sensors, simulation and computation – with Quantum Software a transverse technology.

“Quantum enabling technologies” are those technologies, also called platform technologies, which development will be critical for the quantum future: lasers, cooling devices, optical fibers, sensors, … but also protocols, and software bricks such as compilers ….

What makes Quantum Technologies so promising?

Fully taking advantage of these quantum effects would impact many industrial sectors by exceeding “classical” devices in more ways than one. Quantum Technologies could not only provide enhanced measurements and more secure communications, but also a computational speed-up in processing several key tasks. Apart for providing better and more secure services, this quantum advantage will enable discoveries in both theoretic and applied sciences, leading toward new applications and products.

Which applications could benefit from Quantum Advantage?

Quantum-enhanced applications include among others: cybersecurity (quantum-secure communications, blockchains), medicine (medical imaging and diagnostic), pharmaceutics (molecules and drugs design), resources extraction (oil and gas detection), material design (fault detection), finance (portfolio optimization). Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies are poised to be impacted by Quantum Technologies in a significant way.
Our view of the Quantum Technologies market will be detailed into a whitepaper currently in preparation.

Are the applications of Deep Physics Technologies not light years away?

Absolutely not ! While some of the promises may be a decade away, or even more, and are clearly in the field of publicly funded R&D, there are very large market opportunities in the short term, for example for autonomous driving and AI. We pride ourselves in our ability to properly assess these opportunities and fund the companies that will disrupt the incumbents.

Which funding stages do we consider ?

Seed funding is available for entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their journey, once their early idea is matured and they have created their company. At this stage they typically work on their business plan, and are to start staffing and operations.

Once companies show traction and are ready to scale, we participate to successive funding rounds to bring them to commercial success. We can also join early investors and founders at a post-seed stage.

For very special companies, we can provide pre-seed funding, even before the company is created.

How can we help you in your project ?

By offering not only financial support but also expertise, visibility and network, we intend to provide you the best working environment possible where you can concentrate uniquely on achieving your goal.

How can you contact us ?

Send us some information about yourself and your company or even your idea through the form on our website and we’ll take it from there. If you don’t have a pitch deck yet, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to guide you through the steps to structure your reflection. We participate to many conferences worldwide and we travel a lot, let’s meet in person.

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