2 April 2019 in EN

Manifesto published in “Le Monde” 26th March 2019

2019-03-26 : Quantonation founders Charles Beigbeder and Christophe Jurczak share their vision of Quantum Technologies in a manifesto published by “Le Monde”. They wish that public policy support more the…
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15 March 2019 in EN

Tech Trendz conference about Quantum Computing @Station F

Christophe Jurczak, managing partner @Quantonation participate at Tech Trendz first Quantum Computing conference at Station F.
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10 February 2019 in EN

Quantonation publishes its first INSIGHT report “Quantum + Blockchain”

Quantonation publishes a report about the connections between two highly disruptive technologies: Blockchain and Quantum Computing & Security.
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10 February 2019 in EN

Quantonation organizes the first ever Quantum Hackathon in France

Quantonation, together with Riverlane and divinity, organized on January 27th the first Quantum Hackathon in France at 42, the famous French coding school.
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23 January 2019 in EN

Interview of Christophe Jurczak

Christophe Jurczak, MP and co-founder at Quantonation, has been interviewed by Forbes on what 2019 holds for Quantum Computing.
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20 December 2018 in EN

LightOn raises funding to build a new computing paradigm for AI

LightOn, a Paris-based artificial intelligence company, today announced the closing of a seed funding round with Quantonation and Anorak Ventures.
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19 December 2018 in EN

Kets Quantum Security raises over £2million in investment

The £2million funding round includes investments from early stage venture fund, Quantonation together with Kx, and grants.
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30 November 2018 in EN

International Conference on Quantum Computing

Quantonation has co-sponsored the first scientific conference in France fully dedicated to Quantum Computing
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25 November 2018 in EN

Quantum Meets Blockchain

Insights from the team at Quantonation on the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of two disruptive technologies.
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17 October 2018 in EN

Success for the first Quantum Tech Meetup in Paris !

Quantonation contributed to the Quantum Ecosystem with the Paris Quantum Computing and Technologies Meetup.
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21 September 2018 in EN

How to improve cybersecurity with quantum technology

As of today, a computer with 100 qubits and good enough gate fidelity is within reach. While this doesn't represent a threat in itself, the rapidly increasing chances that a…
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6 May 2018 in EN

Launch of Quantonation, a Fund dedicated to Quantum and Deep Physics

Audacia and Gravitation are launching Quantonation
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