Success for the first Quantum Tech Meetup in Paris !

EventNews17 October 2018

Paris, 16th October 2018

The team at Quantonation has organized the first ever Meetup on Quantum Technologies and Quantum Computing in Paris. More than 80 participants gathered at WeWork Lafayette to listen to experts in the field:

  • Chris Erven CEO of KETS Quantum: leading the quantum security revolution
  • Michael Marthaler CTO of Heisenberg Quantum Simulations: algorithms for prediction of molecular properties
  • Wojciech Burkot CTO of Beit: quantum otpimization
  • Christophe Jurczak CEO of Quantonation: VC funding for the quantum future

There were lively discussions, lots of questions and it was a great networking opportunity. And great food 😉 Looking forward to the next event in January !

Meetup Quantum in Paris
Chris Erven (CEO, KETS) at the first Quantum Meetup in Paris
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