EventNewsPortfolio21 March 2024

Inside Orca Computing: A Glimpse into Quantum Computing

EventNewsPortfolio21 March 2024

SteerLight Raises €3.2 Million For Smarter 3D Vision And Safer Mobility

EventNewsPress19 March 2024

Towards the quantum future: Quantonation announces strategic investment in Quantum Italia

Event8 March 2024

PioniQ Winner of the 2024 Q2B Paris startup contest organized by Quantonation

EventNewsPortfolio6 March 2024

Multiverse Computing Raises Oversubscribed €25 million Series A Investment Round to Advance Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Computing Software 

Event14 February 2024

Q2B24 Paris Startup Pitch Competition organized by Quantonation Ventures

EventNewsPress12 February 2024

Diraq Secures USD $15 Million in Series A-2 Funding to Advance Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing Development

EventNewsPress9 February 2024

Nord Quantique Demonstrates Quantum Error Correction, First Company to Make a Logical Qubit Out of a Physical Qubit

EventNews30 January 2024

First Quantonation Day in Japan 

EventNewsPortfolio17 January 2024

QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

EventNews20 December 2023

Quantonation invites you on a quantum journey in Sherbrooke with Nobel laureate Alain Aspect

EventNewsPortfolio19 December 2023


EventNews26 November 2023

QV Studio, the first venture studio with a focus on Quantum Technologies, launches with participation of Quantonation in the thriving ecosystem of Sherbrooke (Canada)

EventNews26 September 2023

French start-ups Pasqal and Qubit Pharmaceuticals join with Unitary Fund to win Wellcome Trust’s “Quantum for Bio” program

EventNews6 July 2023

Quantonation Investor Day – 2nd edition

EventNews29 June 2023

Welcome Dr. Will Zeng, partner @Quantonation !

EventNews22 June 2023

Quantonation Expands into the Asia-Pacific region with new Venture Partner Simone Planté

EventNews20 June 2023

DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone Announces Launch of Quantum Studio and partnerships with Quantonation Ventures and ACET

EventNews17 October 2022

[FR] Alain Aspect, Prix Nobel de Physique 2022

EventNews30 March 2022

Quantonation at the Future Proof Summit !