EventNewsPortfolio31 May 2024

Inside Qunnect: A Glimpse into Quantum Networks

NewsPortfolioPress28 May 2024

Aramco Signs Agreement With Pasqal To Deploy First Quantum Computer In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

NewsPortfolioPress24 April 2024

Pasqal and Welinq Partner to Develop Tailored Quantum Interconnects for Neutral-Atom Quantum Computing

EventNewsPortfolio21 March 2024

Inside Orca Computing: A Glimpse into Quantum Computing

EventNewsPortfolio21 March 2024

SteerLight Raises €3.2 Million For Smarter 3D Vision And Safer Mobility

EventNewsPortfolio6 March 2024

Multiverse Computing Raises Oversubscribed €25 million Series A Investment Round to Advance Quantum and Quantum-Inspired Computing Software 

EventNewsPortfolio17 January 2024

QphoX raises €8m to bring quantum modem technology to market, building towards the quantum internet

EventNewsPortfolio19 December 2023


NewsPortfolio13 November 2023

Sensorium Technological Laboratories joins Quantonation’s portfolio and signs contract on materials for Radiative Cooling and Water Harvesting with TII Abu Dhabi

NewsPortfolio18 September 2023

Resolve Stroke raises €2.2m with Quantonation and Ovni Capital to develop its ultra-sound based imaging technology

NewsPortfolio13 July 2023

Quobly (former Siquance) raises €19m led by Quantonation & Bpifrance

NewsPortfolio8 June 2023

Welcome QC Design to Quantonation portfolio

NewsPortfolio23 May 2023

VeriQloud Secures €1.9 Million Investment from Quantonation and WinEquity to Unlock the Power of Quantum Networks

NewsPortfolio16 February 2023

memQ raises $2m Seed Round to shape the future of Quantum Networking

NewsPortfolio27 October 2022

Pixel Photonics chosen as sub-contractor from the DLR.

NewsPortfolio5 October 2022

Qunnect raises $8m round led by Airbus Ventures followed by Quantonation 

NewsPortfolio15 September 2022

Kipu Quantum Closes EUR 3m Funding Round and joins Quantonation’s Portfolio

NewsPortfolio31 May 2022

Delft Quantum Startups QphoX and QuantWare announce partnership to develop networked Quantum Processors

NewsPortfolio29 March 2022

Pixel Photonics raised 1.45 million euros in seed-funding from HTGF, Quantonation and business angels

NewsPortfolio8 February 2022

Nord Quantique raises CAD $9.5 Million Seed round towards Fault Tolerant QC