Pixel Photonics raised 1.45 million euros in seed-funding from HTGF, Quantonation and business angels

Nord Quantique raises CAD $9.5 Million Seed round towards Fault Tolerant QC

HQS raises 12 million euros in series A round led by Quantonation

Quantum Startups Pasqal and Qu&Co Announce Merger to Leverage Complementary Solutions for Global Market

🚀 QphoX raises €2m to turbo-charge quantum computing with breakthrough Quantum Modem

🚀 Qnami completes 4 MCHF Series A towards enabling quantum computing and spintronic

🚀 ORCA Computing closes a pre-seed round with Atmos, Oxford Sciences Innovation and Quantonation

🎉 Quandela closes a funding round with Quantonation and BPI France

🚀 3 portfolio companies awarded prestigious prizes by the French government

🚀 Qubit Pharmaceuticals closes a pre-seed round with Quantonation