VeriQloud Secures €1.9 Million Investment from Quantonation and WinEquity to Unlock the Power of Quantum Networks

memQ raises $2m Seed Round to shape the future of Quantum Networking

Qunnect raises $8m round led by Airbus Ventures followed by Quantonation 

Kipu Quantum Closes EUR 3m Funding Round and joins Quantonation’s Portfolio

Delft Quantum Startups QphoX and QuantWare announce partnership to develop networked Quantum Processors

Pixel Photonics raised 1.45 million euros in seed-funding from HTGF, Quantonation and business angels

Nord Quantique raises CAD $9.5 Million Seed round towards Fault Tolerant QC

HQS raises 12 million euros in series A round led by Quantonation

Quantum Startups Pasqal and Qu&Co Announce Merger to Leverage Complementary Solutions for Global Market

🚀 QphoX raises €2m to turbo-charge quantum computing with breakthrough Quantum Modem

🚀 Qnami completes 4 MCHF Series A towards enabling quantum computing and spintronic