€1.8Bn Quantum Strategy for France

Event21 January 2021

French President Emmanuel Macron unveiled the French Quantum Strategy allocating €1.8Bn until 2025 to Quantum Computing, Sensing and Quantum Communications. In order to drive the growth of this new economy Quantonation was quoted as a key asset to promote Quantum Technologies worldwide.

Quantonation partner Christophe Jurczak (left, picture below) together with Pasqal’s CEO Georges-Olivier Reymond introduced the company to him. President Macron announced that Pasqal had been selected by the EU backed EuroHPC Consortium to supply to quantum processors by 2022 to Germany and France supercomputing centers.

We are happy to see strong signals from governments worldwide towards Quantum Technologies. As a reminder, US, China, Germany or Israel also announced such strategy leading to +$10Bn to be poured in the field.

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