πŸš€ KETS Quantum Security raises Β£3.1 million

By 9 June 2021 No Comments
  • The day is approaching when quantum computers will be able to crack all the existing encryption that protects our data
  • KETS Quantum Security will bring quantum-safe chip-based encryption development kits to market to begin guarding critical data from quantum computer attacks
  • The funding round was co-led by Quantonation and Speedinvest, with participation from Mustard Seed MAZE

KETS Quantum Security has raised a Β£3.1 million round to bring to market hardware to protect data from a new generation of cyberattacks that will use quantum computers to break through all existing encryption protections.

β€œKETS is reaching a key point in its story, with products that will now be available to deploy, bringing clients the world’s first on-chip, quantum-secured solutions protecting against the future threat of quantum computers” said Olivier Tonneau, partner at Quantonation.