The Quantum Era is coming. Are you ready for it ? Featured in the Times.

InterviewNewsPress3 October 2022

The Times Newspaper and Digital Leaders have teamed up to publish a special report on the Future CTO in the edition of the Times of September 27th.

In recent years, the chief technology officer has become a key C-suite role, setting a business’s tech strategy in much the same way that the CEO sets the business strategy. As CTOs take on this new responsibility, they’ll need to keep their eyes on the opportunities and threats posed by emerging technologies, from quantum computing to Mach architecture. So, what’s on the horizon?

Natasha Serafimowska has interviewed Quantonation’s founding partner Christophe Jurczak, as well as BCG’s quantum expert Matt Langione a well as Andrew Foreman, the former CTO of US Army Europe and Africa

Jurczak explains that despite the massive potential of the technology, it would be naive to think that quantum computers would be the panacea to all our computational problems. Instead, executives would benefit from keeping an open mind and seeing how the technology works in synergy with other approaches for best results.

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