Quantonation invites you on a quantum journey in Sherbrooke with Nobel laureate Alain Aspect

EventNews20 December 2023

Have a look back at Prof. Alain Aspect’s first symposium at the Université de Sherbrooke, held in November 2023.

Quantonation experienced a unique quantum ride at the DistriQ, Zone d’innovation quantique de Sherbrooke in Quebec, where Nobel Prize winner Alain Aspect received a Doctor Honoris Causa from Université de Sherbrooke, whom them presented his first Symposium on Quantum technologies for Health and visited the cutting-edge quantum facilities at Institut quantique, 3IT and C2MI. The highlight of the trip was the inauguration of Espace Quantique 1 by prime minister François Legault, who announced a 166 M$ funding for five quantum projects, including the creation of Quantacet, the PASQAL factory, and the QVStudio. The Sherbrooke ecosystem is one of the best places in the world to develop quantum technologies, thanks to the collaboration between public authorities, academics and industries.

For more details, please find below the symposium Press Kit and a short video highlighting this event.

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