Towards the quantum future: Quantonation announces strategic investment in Quantum Italia

EventNewsPress19 March 2024

Quantonation, the leading venture capital firm in the global Quantum field, has decided to join forces with Quantum Italia, the investment vehicle born from the vision of Scientifica Venture Capital.

The joint investment will lead to the establishment of the first Italian and European Quantum Studio, a support structure specially designed to enable quantum innovators to conduct research, develop and refine their projects with the aim of creating new technological solutions. This will pave the way for the creation of a true Quantum ecosystem, an essential prerequisite for aggregating start-ups developing these technologies; a hub that will offer essential elements such as academic excellence, cutting-edge infrastructure, a diversified pool of specialized talents, and access to funding.

The first Italian Quantum Studio, born from the synergistic initiative of Quantonation and Scientifica Venture Capital, will combine these elements to support emerging quantum enterprises, facilitating their transformation into global leaders. The goal is to position Italy at the center of an international network of excellence, directly connecting it to the already existing and established structures of Quantonation, QV Studio in Canada, creating a bridge of quantum excellence at a supra-European level. The network will expand with upcoming openings, thus creating a global network of Quantum Studios.

The ambition of Quantum Italia, supported by Quantonation, goes beyond simply investing in promising start-ups. The goal is to transform Italy into an attractive hub for the leading companies in the Quantum sector. This shared vision aims to bring the most advanced technologies to our country, incentivizing the development of new economic sectors and strengthening the Italian ecosystem of research and innovation.

Through the Quantum Studio, efforts will not only be directed at providing capital but also at creating a fertile environment for the development of revolutionary ideas, offering start-ups access to top-notch resources, knowledge and international networks. In this way, the intention is to ensure that Italian companies not only emerge in the global quantum landscape but also become leaders in defining the future of this transformative technology.

With Quantonation’s entry into Quantum Italia, a decisive step is taken towards the realization of an ecosystem that fosters innovation, research, and sustainable development. This partnership demonstrates a shared commitment to creating a fruitful ground for innovation, bringing Italy to the forefront of quantum technologies, and consolidating its position as an international reference point in the sector.

In this new setup, Quantum Italia will not only focus on investing in start-ups but also on providing support through acceleration programs for teams of scientists. Additionally, it will host both hardware and software developed in other Quantum Studios globally, making them accessible to Corporates and/or other start-ups interested in experimenting with new technologies. Another important objective of the Quantum Studios is to facilitate the opening of new operational locations for those former start-ups that, having achieved success within the Quantum program, wish to bring their technology to different countries.

The headquarters of this quantum excellence center is located within the 70 hectares of the Tecnopolo Roma Tiburtino, a reference point for research and innovation in Lazio and a nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence. A space that, to date, hosts more than 150 companies operating and cooperating with each other in various research and technology sectors. This will give rise to a virtuous circle of entrepreneurship and cutting-edge research; here start-ups will be able to benefit from funding, but also from a network of experts and mentors in the quantum field, cutting-edge research laboratories and networking opportunities with leading companies and institutions.

Christophe Jurczak, Managing Partner of Quantonation, commented: “Europe has enormous
potential in the quantum field. With the opening of the Quantum Studio in Italy, we aim to further bridge
the gap between research and commercial application. We anticipate several similar initiatives in the
major quantum ecosystems worldwide that will be interconnected. We are committed to supporting
innovators with the utmost confidence that the solutions developed will become powerful enough to offer significant commercial advantages.”

Prof. Simone De Liberato, Chief Technology Officer of Quantum Italia, said: “Quantum Italia will
provide deep-tech innovators the resources to turn groundbreaking research into products with societal
and commercial impact. Improving our ability to engineer nanoscale devices to access the power of
quantum physics is one of the great technological challenges of our times. Quantum Italia will help
positioning Italy at the forefront of this global race.”

Riccardo D’Alessandri, founder with Patrick Leoni Sceti of Scientifica Venture Capital, stated:
“We are excited to join forces with Quantonation to support Quantum Italia. This operation represents a
great opportunity to strengthen Italy’s position as a reference hub in the European and global quantum
sector. The Quantum Studio represents an unprecedented step forward in accelerating quantum
innovation. By providing quantum scientists and entrepreneurs with physical space and a network of
strategic connections, we enable them to successfully bring their transformative ideas to reality. We are
extremely proud to be part of this leap in the evolution of the quantum field and proud to strengthen ties
with Quantonation. We expect other Italian funds and financial partners to join the initiative in the
coming months.”

The law firm ADVANT Nctm, with the team of lawyers led by Avv. Marzia Manente, assisted Scientifica Venture Capital and Quantonation in the operation.


Quantum Italia is the first Italian investment vehicle entirely dedicated to investments in quantum technologies in Italy and abroad. The Quantum Italia project aims to create an open quantum ecosystem, involving national and international communities to finance and support quantum technology initiatives.


Scientifica Venture Capital is an investment holding company that selects and invests in high-tech projects and start-ups. It invests in advanced manufacturing, advanced materials and artificial intelligence in the pre-seed, seed and early stages.

For further information on Scientifica Venture Capital download the company media kit here.

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