🚀 Le Lab Quantique 1st Online Meetup

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Quantonation is a sponsor of Le Lab Quantique (LLQ), a Paris based not fo profit which purpose is to improve the conditions for the growth of Quantum Ecosystem in France and worldwide.

In times of Covid19, for a first time a LLQ Meetup has happened exclusively online, which had a collateral effect: we had many attendees from out of Paris, from the US, Canada, the UK and elsewhere. Up to 16o participants during the session were able to listen to 5 speakers, and interact with them:

– Christophe Jurczak, partner at Quantonation and co-founder of Le Lab Quantique

Jurczak Presentation

Jean-Philip Piquemal, professor at Sorbonne University and University of Texas – Austin, about his work on Computational Drug Design and his entrepreneurial activities

Piquemal Presentation

– Richard Murray and Josh Nunn, respectively CEO and CTO at Orca Computing, leading London based startup in Optical Quantum Computing

Orca Presentation

– Karl Thibault, program manager Science and Entrepreneurship at Institut Quantique / Université de Sherbrooke

Q2 at IQ Presentation

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