🚀 Meet the Quantum Founders !

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At Quantonation we invest in early stage quantum and Deep Physics startups.

We closed several deals in the last weeks, 11 companies joined the portfolio in the last 18 months + one more to come, in 6 countries. 3 of them are currently starting their series A roadshows already. That makes us probably the largest investor in number of participations in quantum technology.

We wanted to give kudos to our amazing Quantum Founders and their teams for building such incredible companies. Here are some impressive numbers, these are all pre-seed and seed stage startups:

  • $20m equity invested in total over 2 years
  • $12m public grants awarded
  • $4.5m revenues (the quantum industry is real !)
  • and we’re extremely proud of them for the 122 jobs CREATED !! of which 59 are the FIRST JOBS FOR PhDs and POSTDOCS especially in quantum or computer sciences

So meet the Quantum Founders !

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