Pixel Photonics chosen as sub-contractor from the DLR.

NewsPortfolio27 October 2022

Münster, 27th of October 2022 – Pixel Photonics, a start-up out of the WWU Münster was chosen as sub-contractor for a 14 million euros development contract from the DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt), going to quantum computing start-up QuiX from Enschede (NL). The project, with a duration of four years, has the goal to develop a photonic quantum computer with a minimum of 64 qubits. Pixel Photonics will deliver high performance single photon detectors, which are playing a decisive role in in the realization of photonic-based quantum computers. With this very important industry contract Pixel Photonics can accelerate its effort in the commercialization of the scalable WI-SNSPD technology for quantum computing, microscopy, and quantum communication.

Pixel Photonics’ unique technological approach to SNSDPs combines scalability with high detection efficiency at very high speed. This is a key advancement to reach large scale photonic quantum computers which are one of the very promising path towards useful quantum computation. Since its foundation Pixel Photonics has demonstrated a strong operational and scientific efficiency that has been rewarded when reaching this critical milestone.

Jean-Gabriel Boinot, Principal at Quantonation
Multi-channel single photon detector from Pixel Photonics GmbH. © Pixel Photonics GmbH 2022 / Dr. Wladick Hartmann.
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