[FR] From Academia to Venture Capital by C. Jurczak

InterviewNews8 November 2022

La Jaune et la Rouge, Ecole Polytechnique’s review, has just published a special edition, coordinated by A. Krajenbrink & E. Shishenina, dedicated to the rise of Quantum Technologies. Christophe Jurczak (X89) is detailing his opinion on the industry and also his unique experience from academic lab, to startup founder and fund manager.

This edition is also featuring, Loïc Henriet, CTO Pasqal, on the transition from fundamental research to engineering, Alexandre Krajenbrink & Elvira Shishenina, Quantx / Le Lab Quantique, on the key role of the ecosystem for the development of Quantum technology, Pascale Sennellart, CSO Quandela, on the hybridation of Quantum Processing Unit with HPC Ecosystems, and Michel Kurek CEO France Multiverse Computing, on their recent developments.

All this articles are in French, sorry for our English readers.

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