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NewsPortfolio8 June 2023

QC Design (ex IT’Q) just unveiled a fault-tolerant architecture. Their technology enables quantum chips to perform reliable quantum computing despite inherent hardware imperfections like losses, crosstalk, and fabrication errors. By licensing QC Design’s architectures, hardware manufacturers can swiftly achieve fault tolerance and maximize their hardware capabilities. This saves customers time and effort in hardware development, helps them avoid mistakes, and positions them ahead of their competitors. 

Numerous prominent quantum computing start-ups have already shown interest in licensing QC Design’s architectures to advance their own hardware development. In addition to launching their licensing offering, QC Design is also making Plaquette, a powerful fault tolerance design tool, freely available as open-source software, making it accessible to the wider quantum computing community.

Furthermore, QC Design has announced a partnership with leading quantum computing company IQM Quantum Computers to introduce a new training module called “Fault Tolerance and Quantum Error Correction” (FT-QEC) to IQM Academy, a free online quantum training course that reflects IQM’s commitment to providing education on quantum computing to a global audience. The collaboration between QC Design and IQM was motivated by their respective expertise in fault-tolerant architecture and quantum hardware. The fault tolerance simulator ‘Plaquette’ developed by QC Design will provide quantum enthusiasts, university students and educators with learning opportunities to understand fault tolerant systems and quantum error correction.

Dr. Stefan Seegerer, Education Lead at IQM, said, “Plaquette is an exceptional tool for teaching quantum error correction, owing to an intuitive API and comprehensive visualisation options. For IQM Academy, this means learners can grasp complex concepts effortlessly as they navigate through the interactive curriculum.”

At Quantonation, we are proud to accompany QC Design toward a scalable quantum computer, on their mission that promotes quantum education and favors the development of a worldwide quantum ecosystem along with our co-investors Vsquared Ventures and Salvia GmbH.

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