DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone Announces Launch of Quantum Studio and partnerships with Quantonation Ventures and ACET

EventNews20 June 2023

SHERBROOKE, Canada – June 20, 2023 – DistriQ, Quantum Innovation Zone, based in Sherbrooke, Quebec, is proud to announce the creation of the Quantum Studio and its partnership with Quantonation Ventures and ACET (Accélérateur de Création d’Entreprises Technologiques).

The Quantum Studio is a startup studio and support structure specifically designed to enable quantum innovators to research, develop, and refine their projects with the aim of creating new and unique technology solutions for customers.

Quantum start-ups have specific characteristics that require a whole ecosystem to be created: academic excellence, infrastructure, a large talent pool, access to private and non-dilutive financing and public support. The Quantum Studio of DistriQ, Quantonation and ACET will bring these elements together to support quantum start-ups that will become global leaders with the support from Université de Sherbrooke Institut Quantique.

The investment from Quantonation is a natural evolution to reinforce its presence, since 2018, in the Sherbrooke ecosystem. Since its first investment in Nord Quantique, several portfolio companies have positioned their operations within DistriQ to take advantage of its world-class quantum infrastructure and talent. The Quantum Studio will create a high-quality deal flow of quantum leaders.

Christophe Jurczak, Managing partner of Quantonation Ventures, said, “The Quantum Studio fits a strong need to de-risk and accelerate the creation of companies born from quantum and deep physics technology research, reinforcing the pipeline of investment opportunities for computing, communications and sensing. Our investment in Quantum Studio is a strategic move based on the very positive progress we’ve experienced working with DistriQ and its wealth of quantum talent in the innovation zone. We are envisioning several such initiatives in leading quantum ecosystems worldwide that will be connected. We’re committed to our support of innovators with the supreme confidence that the solutions developed will become powerful solutions providing significant commercial advantages.”

DistriQ effectively combines research, teaching, entrepreneurship, and industry, thus fostering a world-class environment conducive to quantum innovation, such as:

• Espace Quantique 1, opening in Sherbrooke early fall 2023. The 50,000 square feet (4,600 square metres) building will be the most extensive and comprehensive commercially focused quantum centre. It brings together the foremost minds in quantum technologies with the most comprehensively equipped shared commercial quantum development labs.  

• The Université de Sherbrooke – has world-renowned expertise in quantum science and quantum technologies and is contributing actively to the training of a highly qualified workforce in this critical sector.

• A technology sector and innovative manufacturing hub to empower entrepreneurs to accelerate time to market for pioneering solutions.

ACET is a business accelerator based in Sherbrooke, whose mission is in part to support quantum companies across Quebec. The organization is already supporting a dozen companies in this field, its expertise allowing companies incubated at the Studio to benefit from the services and network of a recognized accelerator and an extensive network of specialized coaches, including quantum experts,who can support start-ups in different aspects of their business journey.

Richard St-Pierre, Managing Director of DistriQ – Quantum Innovation Zone, added, “Quantum Studio is a powerful and unprecedented next step for accelerating quantum innovation. By providing quantum scientists and entrepreneurs with a leading global platform that meets their ambitions, we empower them to successfully bring their transformative ideas to reality. We are extremely proud to be part of this leap in the evolution of the quantum field, and proud to strengthen ties with Quantonation Ventures the global leader in quantum investment. We expect other Quebec funds and funding partners to join the initiative in the coming months.”


The non-profit organization (NPO), Quantum Innovation Zone, is a catalyst of expertise and infrastructure that connects and integrates the collaborative initiatives of the quantum ecosystem aimed at the emergence and acceleration of innovations. One of DistriQ’s flagship projects is Studio Quantique. One of Quantum Innovation Zone’s partners is the Institut quantique from Université de Sherbrooke, which increases the synergy between research, teaching, entrepreneurship and industry. 


Quantonation Ventures is the leading VC dedicated to Quantum Technologies, with more than €100m under management. Quantonation invests globally, targeting early-stage companies in Computing, Communication and Sensing leveraging Quantum science and Deep Physics. Quantonation has already invested in 24 companies in Quantum Technologies.


Accélérateur de Création d’Entreprises Technologiques (ACET)’s mission is to identify innovative and ambitious technology startups, to support entrepreneurs and to propel innovative companies that have a positive impact on society. Supported by a highly committed business community, ACET offers personalized coaching, from the earliest stages all the way to internationalization, access to various sources of funding including its own investment funds, services from its own market intelligence firm and the full power of its network so that entrepreneurs can transform their passion, vision, and innovations into a successful business.

Quantonation Ventures team at the Quantum Innovation Zone along with the Sherbrooke ecosystem

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