About Us

The Fund

Quantonation is an Early Stage Venture Fund dedicated to Deep Physics startups with a focus on the emerging and disruptive field of Quantum Technologies. Created in 2018 and based in Paris (France), our approach is to work closely with the startups we invest in, whatever the stage of development they are in, leveraging our expertise and network to their benefit. Quantonation is seeded by Audacia, leading French Growth Equity investor, and Gravitation.



After years of R&D, properties such as quantum superposition and entanglement are starting to be harnessed and exploited in a new generation of Quantum Technologies, impacting many sectors by exceeding “classical” devices. Other breakthroughs in science and engineering out of physics research labs profoundly impact industries and people’s lives. We consider four broad categories of applications:

sensing, measuring, imaging
simulating complex phenomena
communicating in security
computing fast

The Investment Thesis

Quantonation invests in startups exploiting genuine quantum effects and also in companies leveraging deep physics towards disruptive applications. Investments are made at every phase of the life of the company:


Bringing to maturity an exciting company project

Seed Funding

Funding the first phase of product development

Series A and later

Participating to the first funding rounds of companies

Quantonation’s view is that shareholder pact and financial documents should be drafted in a way to help entrepreneurs manage their company so that they can focus on the development of their products. Our goal is to:

  • Guarantee the fastest possible execution
  • Align our financing offer with the interests of founders and managers
  • Build a legal framework that will facilitate and prepare the growth of the company and the onboarding of new investors.


investment stage


total funding


investment ticket

10 to 20

targeted enterprises in portfolio

Our Team

Quantonation is led by a team with a deep scientific expertise, industry experience, intimate knowledge of funding mechanisms and proven innovation credentials.  They rely on an extensive network of well respected advisors and experts.

Christophe JURCZAK,
Managing Partner

Christophe has held government and executive positions in energy, defense and in the emerging field of quantum computing, in Europe and in the US. He holds masters degree in Engineering and Quantum Physics respectively from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. He also holds a PhD in Quantum Physics under the supervision of Prof. Alain Aspect on laser cooling of atoms.

Founding Partner

A serial entrepreneur, Charles has founded and managed several successful companies in the sectors of financial services, energy and agro-industry. He is an alumni of Ecole Centrale and a passionate of quantum technologies. He serves as chairman of Gravitation and partner at Audacia.

Olivier TONNEAU,

A graduate from ESSEC business school, Olivier is Deputy General Manager of Gravitation, the investment holding of entrepreneur Charles Beigbeder.


Jean-Gabriel was part of several entrepreneurial projects before becoming a management consultant. He then joined a Private Equity fund. At Quantonation, he is in charge of opportunity analysis and deal structuration.




2019-07-22 : Quantonation’s founding partner, Charles Beigbeder, has been interviewed by La Tribune at the french economic summit in Aix En Provence on the 4th July.



2019-06-26 : Paul-François Fournier, BPI France Executive Director in charge of innovation, speaks up for a strong public policy to support research and startups in the strategic area of Quantum Technologies.



2019-05-26: BPI France is organizing the first Quantum Computing Business Conference. Come and meet the pioneers of worldwide Quantum computing ecosystem: startups, corporates, investors, researchers and leading experts.



2019-05-09: Christophe Jurczak participated to Pioneers 2019 in Vienna. As part of the Deep Tech Panel he had the opportunity to introduce the huge potential of Quantum Technologies to the Audience.



2019-03-26: Quantonation founders Charles Beigbeder and Christophe Jurczak share their vision of Quantum Technologies in a manifesto published by “Le Monde”. They wish that public policy should support the “disruptive technologies” offered by engineering based on quantum physics.



2019-02-10: Success for the first Quantum Hackathon in France, organized by Quantonation



We are always scouting for startups with values and projects that fit with our thesis and if this sounds like you, we would love to talk. Are you a professional investor interested in the disruption potential of Quantum Technologies and Deep Physics? Get in touch.