Cryptonext Security

CryptoNext is a spin-off from INRIA and Sorbonne University, developing post-quantum cryptography algorithms and implementations to protect against Quantum Computers’ encryption breaking capabilities


evolutionQ, a Kitchener-Waterloo-based company is pioneering the development of quantum-safe cybersecurity products. They focus on reducing expenses through optimal use of quantum-safe devices and minimizing technology-switching costs between hardware vendors. They are providing the missing component to build technologically and economically effective quantum networks.


A spin-off from Bristol University, KETS Quantum Security designs solutions for ultra-safe communications based on quantum technologies “on chip”.


MemQ is a spin-off from the University of Chicago developing Quantum Memory Technology based on rare-earth qubits. This critical component will enable large scale Quantum Network or Computer thanks to its ability to act as a QRAM.


Qunnect is a spin-off of Stony Brooke University in NY and has developed a room temperature, portable quantum memory, a fundamental building block of a quantum communication network.
Their technology offers the possibility to build Quantum networks of +100km.


WeLinQ is a Paris-based spin-out from Sorbonne Université, CNRS, and PSL-University. The company provides quantum links based on cold-atom quantum memories to interconnect quantum processors and ensure access to quantum computing at a distance. WeLinQ develops, deploys, and operates its full stack quantum link solution in quantum computing and quantum communication infrastructures and develops end-user-oriented algorithms for multi-core and distributed quantum computing.